Thursday, June 27, 2013

Narrow straps

This is a way to make narrow straps from lycra that some designers use often in their lingerie. This technique can be used for other fabrics as well.
1 Cut a piece of lycra about 4 cm wide (1.5 inch). Cut the length you need plus a bit extra.

If you use other fabric, cut it on the bias
Stitch with a stitch with a little stretch (narrow zigzag, triple straight stitch), use the edge of your foot as a guide.  You can use the needle position to adapt the width of the strap a bit.
2 Trim the seam allowance. You trim of more than you started with, but if you start with a very narrow piece of fabric, it will not be transported properly by the feet dogs.
3 Turn the strap, I use a strap turner.
4 Example of how a strap can be used.
5 If you don’t want stretch in the strap, you can add strip of non-stretch tule.
6 When turning the strap it will be inside the strap.
7 The result. The upper one is the one with a strip of tule. It’s a bit thicker and has less tendency to curl.
A few inspiration bra’s from rtw, pictures are from the internet, the designer is Marlies Dekkers.


  1. So, I'm sitting here wondering if I've ever seen lingerie with the tiny tubes used as decoration. I really don't think so. Thanks, Sigrid. How fun! ~Mary Beth

  2. This is awesome, Sigrid! Thank you!!!


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