Thursday, July 4, 2013

Bra in a swimsuit

This is not a tutorial by me, but a link to a post where this is described in detail:

I've owned a bra with a build-in bra a long time ago and worn it till it almost fell apart. I haven't owned or found a well fitting swimsuit since (at least not in a price range I'm willing to pay). As I'm not much of a sunbather or swimmer, not too much of a problem, but I would like to try this sometime.


  1. I had bookmarked this post as well. Looks useful.

  2. I had one of these swimsuits which was made like a bra (not separate bra fitted in) and it was the best swim suit ever. I bought it in a 2nd hand shop (new with tags tho) and it was originally very expensive. Thanks for the link!


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