Wednesday, May 1, 2013


This is my new blog in which I want to gather a couple of posts on lingerie making. As I've always said on my other blog as well, I'm not a professional, just an enthousiastic seamstress with a special interest in lingerie sewing.

My disclaimer: I like to share my experiences, but there will always be other ways of doing it. I will never say that my way is the right way.

My ideas for future blog posts:
  • updated version on how to sew a full band bra
  • sewing a bra using preformed cups
  • sewing a bra with padding (MakeBra pattern)
  • cutting lace, sewing elastic
  • updated version on how to sew a partial band bra
  • perhaps step by step instructions on constructing some specific patterns
  • sewing panty
  • interfacing options
Are there any subjects you would like to read about? Please let me know. I