Saturday, June 22, 2013

Balconet bra - part 4: finishing

This post describes the finishing steps of the bra construction.

In my pattern piece the shoulder strap is sewn at the edge at the back. Cut the back piece to match the hook/eye closure.
Cut the shoulder strap in two parts and stitch it to the back with a wide zigzag stitch. The edge of the strap is on the edge of the lycra. The strap is a bit overlapping at the end to cut it exactly straight later.
The seam allowance is trimmed and the ring is put over it.
Stitch the ring with a narrow, close zigzag stitch. Only then cut off the shoulder strap. This is so much easier to do than sewing with a short piece of strap.
Cut the shoulder strap in the same line as the lycra.
Attach the hook and eye, also with a zigzag stitch.

The remaining piece of shoulder strap is sewn to the slider
This piece of strap is pulled though the ring from back to front.
Then throught the slider
Wires and boning are inserted and all ends are closed with a narrow zigzag stitch (center front, under the arm, underside of boning).
The shoulder straps are sewn to the cups with a zigzag stitch. Try the most comfortable place before attaching.
My dressform is wider in this area than I am and I can’t close the bra on it. But you can see the back are getting shape while the pattern piece is almost straight.
The last finishing touch is is of course the bow.

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  1. I really appreciate all the pictures! Thank you. It is wonderful for us that you live nearby to K board, so you can share all the new tricks you learn!


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