Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Interfacing bra cups

Most of the bra’s I make have interfacing.  Below is my default bra that I have made in a lot of variations. These are my latest additions to the lingerie drawer.

Usually I use a non stretch interfacing for the under cup and the side cup, which gives me the support I need. For a neat way of finishing also on the inside I do the following:

Pin right side of lace to right side of the under cup. Pin the non stretch interfacing layer on top of the lace.  The lace is now sandwiched between the under cup lycra and the interfacing.

 Sew the seam with a straight stitch.

Turn to the right side and edgestitch the under cup. I use the invisible hem foot for this with the needle position to the left. While doing this I make sure that the lycra and interfacing are folded down properly.

I do this by tugging it a bit with my fingers, I don’t use pins.

Trim the seam allowance.

 The result on the outside of the cup

And on the inside.
For this bra on which I’m working now I then stretched the lcyra a bit over the interfacing as described in this post. The extra is still on the cup and has to be trimmed.
The side cup I sew in the same way.


  1. It looks like tulle or organza. I suppose it doesn't matter as long as it is soft and won't stretch! Thank you for sharing. Beautiful lingerie.

  2. What pattern is it? I have been looking for something similar.

    1. Basically this is the Sewy Rebecca. I made the side panel longer for the attachment of the ring. In the course of time I adapted the pattern a bit for my own fit.

  3. Sigrid, I am trying to get into contact with you regarding Vogue Pattern V8259. I ahve searched the web for it without any success whatsoever and have people looking everywhere for me for it. I notice that you have it and you also had a few replies. Could I please ask you to contact me urgently about this pattern. Kindest regards Danielle

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